Krystal and Jonathan

"All You Need is Love" was the theme of the day.....but knowing Krystal and Jonathan, it is more than just a famous Beatles song, it is the new title of their journey together as husband and wife.

I met Krystal at her childhood home just after 11am and I was welcomed by Mrs. Walker and all of Krystal's bridesmaids.  It was a typical morning at a bride's house, the dresses were hanging, the curling irons were on, and the orange juice was poured.  Krystal stood in front of me, dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt, make up done, wearing her veil and smiling from ear to ear.  She looked so happy.
Within minutes she was dressed and ready to go, I've never met a bride yet who got dressed so fast.

Krystal looked radiant in her fit her perfectly.  One of my favourite moments of the day was when Krystal's father referred to her as "his diamond", now that I'm looking back at the photos I can see why that's her nickname.  She looked exquisite and every detail was perfect, just like a diamond.

The ceremony was held at St. Michael's Church in River Heights for 2:00pm.  It was a beautiful service held in front of family and friends.  One of my favourite parts was listening to the vows that Krystal and Jonathan had wrote to each other.  Even though their voices spoke quietly you could still see the expression of love and commitment that they feel for each other all over their faces.
Jonathan has a large amount of family and friends from New York City which explains the inspiration behind his formal attire.  I loved the nostalgia and class from the hat to the "cane"....whoops...... I mean walking stick (Just kidding).  These guys were hilarious, they each took every opportunity they could to ham it up for the camera whether they were trying to make Jonathan...aka"Murph" laugh, or they wanted to use their walking sticks as a baseball bat.  These guys were more than friends, cousins and fraternity brothers..........they were partners in crime, childhood confidants which have formed a strong bond that has stood the test of time.

By 3:30pm the hot and humid weather was at it's peak so we decided to find a shady spot in the exchange district to stay cool.  My assistant, Natasha, and I had so much fun photographing the wedding party as they cracked jokes, shared stories, and teased Jonathan about cooling him off in the river.

Krystal and Jonathan were "AWESOME" to work with.  I love the way their individual styles compliment each other.  Jonathan brought charisma, humour, with a New York twist, which made Krystal laugh and show her beautiful smile.  Krystal's grace and elegance was the perfect touch to making them such a wonderful pair to photograph. 

Our evening ended with a fantastic dinner held at the Can-Ad Inns Fort Garry.  The room was decorated beautifully and each table was named after a Beatles song.  I loved it.  What a great idea!  We were entertained all evening by guests singing fragments of the hit songs to get Krystal and Jonathan to kiss.

 My last and another favourite moment was watching Krystal and Jonathan dance for the first time as husband and wife.  As they danced across the floor they sung the words of their wedding song to each other which was none other than, "All You Need is Love".
Thank you to Krystal and Jonathan and all of your family and friends who made this day so wonderful to be a part of.  

On another note, thank you to all of the New Yorker's who I had a chance to chat with your accents were a treat to listen too and you have just inspired me to visit your fine city.

All the best and congrats again to Krystal and Jonathan!

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