Monica & Nick

Saturday July 16, 2016

To think, it all began with a date to Starbucks........

I loved listening to how Monica referred to her first date with Nick in her calendar as "Starbucks."  They took me on a trip down memory lane when we got together last summer to do their engagement photos and I was reminded of it during their speech a year later at their wedding reception.  I'd like to thank the wonderful, Robertson Family for introducing me to this extraordinary and humorous couple.
I knew when I met Monica and Nick that I was going to enjoy every minute of their wedding day.  From their adorable laughter, their genuine love for one another but also for their charisma and positive nature.  I don't know if Monica ever stops smiling?  From the moment she walked through the door of her sister's home that morning wearing her nephew's flip flops giggling....... I was smiling too!
Monica, with the help of her mom, sister and bridesmaids stepped into her gorgeous wedding dress and filled the room with love.  She looked radiant as happy tears streamed down her cheeks.  Laughter bounced across the walls of the room and her smile was contagious.  A true beauty.

Monica and Nick were married in the early afternoon among family and friends at St. Bernadette's Roman Catholic Parish.  After plenty of hugs, kisses and bubbles we headed to the historic St. Boniface Cathedral, one of my FAVOURITE places for wedding photography.
Nick looked so handsome in his tuxedo and he couldn't take his eyes off Monica, it was perfect!
I have to admit that I "laughed out loud" when Nick's groomsmen were around.  Nick turned into this fabulous jokester and this group were hilariously out of control.  We loved every moment......thanks guys for bringing out a little bit of craziness!
Thank you to the amazing wedding party.  What a wonderful group of family and friends.  You were all great to work with but your friendships and your stories made our day even better.  It's so great for the wedding couple to spend their day with such a awesome group of people!

Monica and Nick love detail..........which I love too.  Thank you to all of the young people who did such a great job carrying rings, flowers and who can forget the signs........great job!
Monica's Ladies..........beautiful, talented, intelligent........and they drink beer faster than some of the guys!  Thank you for giving Monica a day to just sit back and let others spoil amazing group of gorgeous ladies.
I have loved photographing weddings for over 15 years and I tell all of my clients the same thing, every couple is so different.  Monica and did it again!  I have enjoyed every moment of our photographic journey and I can not thank you both enough for this wonderful day.  I had a great time working with you both and capturing your very special day.  Your thoughtful planning and attention to detail was well worth the wait because your wedding day was flawless.  I wish you both many years of laughter, travelling and tons of dates together to Starbucks!

 The evening ended with a beautiful reception at the Inn at the Forks.  I can't thank my amazing friend and colleague, Jill ( for her outstanding imagery and for photographing alongside me today, always a great day working with you.

One more person that I must thank is......Mr. Rolf Zurrin.  OMG, such a wonderful man and full of smiles, I can see where Monica gets it from.  You are a true gem and we will never forget your class, elegance and sheer outrageous fun.

Our first selfie!!!
My Favourite Photo!
Congratulations Monica and Nick!

Filomena & Michael

Saturday June 4, 2016

Sometimes we meet a special person in our lives that leaves a permanent smile on our heart...that is how I feel about my dear friend, Filomena.  I met her many years ago through mutual friends and she instantly impacted my life with her sparkling eyes and contagious laughter.
I was honoured to meet the true love of her life, Mike and asked to photograph their beautiful wedding day.
We arrived at Filomena's parents home at 9:30am where we were welcomed by her fun-loving family and friends.  The table was full of delicious food, make up, accessories and fragrant flowers filled the air. 
Florist: Petals by S&A (
Everyone gathered to admire how simply STUNNING Filomena looked as her mother helped her with the last minute details.
We arrived at the Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park ( at noon.  The weather was perfect to photograph the bride and her bridesmaids before the men arrived.

Mike and Filomena had decided to have their "first look" shared with their family and friends.  We felt like teenagers as Mike's car pulled up and we whisked her into the bushes so we could hide her before the big reveal.  It was so much fun hearing her giggle.
Mike stepped out of the car and looked strikingly handsome as he walked towards us.  He was so excited to see her.....the moment was finally here! 
A "first look" is such a precious moment and one of my favourites.  It's the split second that their eyes meet that makes me feel like I am watching a movie.  Tears of joy and laughter were shared amongst us all as Filomena walked towards her future husband.  His smile was perfect as he turned around to see her but the best part was how he hugged and kissed her, it was like he was never letting her go.  I think we all had a few shivers...

Thank you to the amazing wedding party for your fun and laughter.  I always have such a great time meeting new people, especially people like Dan, the bus driver and personal friend of the bride and group.  Thank you for taking care of them and getting them to each destination on time.

Thank you to Mike and Filomena for asking me to capture such a wonderful moment in your lives.  I have enjoyed every minute from our engagement session to your wedding day. You are both such compassionate and genuine people and I love to see the true admiration and affection you feel for one another.  Congratulations!

Filomena and Michael were married at the La Salle Community Centre in a beautiful candle lit ceremony amongst family and friends.  The room was decorated by the talented, Neele Saggar of Top Wedding Decor in Winnipeg and the reception was catered by Chef Paul.  The dinner was outstanding served "family style" and sounds of joy, love and laughter filled the room.

As always, I'd like to thank my beautiful friend, Jill Demianiw ( for your constant creative imagery that soars in greatness from frame to frame.  You are one in a million and a true gem to accompany me at such a special event.
Congratulations Filomena and Michael!  May your lives be filled with joy, peace and a full heart of smiles everyday!!!

My Favourite Image.

Trevor & Lindsey

Saturday April 23, 2016

My first wedding of the season!!! I couldn't be happier than to share this moment with such a genuine and beautiful couple like Trevor and Lindsey.  Thank you to all of their family and friends for making their wedding day so special.

We arrived at the bride's home in the morning and were greeted by Lindsey's fabulous brother and father.  They seemed to have everything under control from where to find her dress, jewellery and shoes for us to photograph while Lindsey and the girls were at the hair salon.  I was immediately impressed.  Lindsey had chosen to wear elegant and timeless heirloom jewellery pieces from her family.
 As a special gift and surprise to one another,  Lindsey and Trevor had their wedding bands inscribed.  They decided to share their personal inscription with each other later in the day.

Lindsey's quiet character home was filled with the laughter of her bridesmaids as they all got their  make up  done by
Trevor and Lindsey were married shortly after 1:00pm at the Niverville Fourth Avenue Bible Church.  
After the ceremony we photographed the couple, family and their bridal party around an old farm yard in town.  I'd like to thank my friend and colleague, Cheryl Struss for all of your hard work and talent. (
It was a chilly spring day and I have to say that this wedding party was so much fun.  Thank you for your positive energy and laughter.  My feet might have been frozen but I was laughing along with you that I never noticed. 

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful couple, Trevor and Lindsey!  I had such a great time working with you both.  Thank you for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to photograph your wedding day, meet your friends and family and for introducing me to Niverville! I wish you both many happy adventures as you are united together as husband and wife.

After "chilling out" in Niverville we headed to the Historic Hamilton Building.  The Chicago-influenced architectural design opened it's doors in 1896 and today is one of our favourite backdrops for wedding photography. 
Our evening ended at the St. Boniface Golf Club after an amazing dinner and reception celebrating Trevor and Lindsey.  Family and Friends told stories of the couple filling the room with laugh out loud moments and a few happy tears.  

It was a great evening filled with a ton of dancing.  A proud moment was watching Lindsey dance across the dance floor twirling in her wedding dress holding the hand of her first love..........her dad!  It's memories like this, that stop time for one single moment to be enjoyed by all who had the privilege to watch.


My Favourite Photo!!!